Home Visits

Private Home Visit's.

Hate the thought of joining a Gym, costing a small fortune per month?

Wishing all your friends could workout together - BUT just YOUR friends?

Want that private feel, where your instructor will tailor make each session to suit your targets?

Do you wish you didn't have to drive to a class or the Gym?

Not costing the earth at VERY resonable charges?....(I DO NOT CHARGE PERSONAL TRAINER RATES!)


Why not contact me, to deliver a private hourly session to you and your small group of friends within your surroundings.

I will come to your home, we will work mainly outside and if you have a room big enough for you and your friends to lay down in, then we will also workout indoors.

I will motivate, inspire and challenge you to work out to the best of your ability. I will not ask you to do any exercise you feel uncomfortable doing.....there is ALWAYS an alternative!

I can guarantee to make you sweat, burn calories and tone up from top to toe. Ensuring we all have a few giggles along the way.  My sessions are designed with you in mind...it is your session, with a no-frills approach to fitness suitable for everyone ages 16+, abilities, size and shape.

CONTACT ME FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Caroline O'Toole 07811 260875 email caroline@aerobicsforall.co.uk